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    Just as a captain of a ship needs its navigator, real estate investors need a real estate consultant like Dr. Andrew. A consultant is someone who can fill in the gaps and concentrate on the details of the journey of your real estate investments. In a world of housing turmoil, new opportunities are flows in the shadows of despair. But how do you know where to look for these opportunities? How do you protect yourself from the traps and scams? How do you read a market that has been turned upside down? Metropolitans such as Atlanta, GA., where the Dr Andrew Unterweger housing market once boomed to extraordinary heights. However, after the housing bubble burst, foreclosures skyrocketed to the top of the charts. 40% of Atlanta foreclosures are of investments by a novelist who jumps at the chance to profit on rising home values.

    Investors using consultants were greatly able to avoid the collapse of the industry and continue to find great profits in specified neighborhoods. This is where a Real Estate Investment consultant comes in to help shed light on a dark, but the rich industry. You need A qualified consultant or consulting team can listen to where you want to find yourself and map out a plan to take you there. Someone who knows the advantages of REOs and can direct you to which doors to open. An experienced consultant who knows the ins and outs of tax sales, asset protection, and can select the winners for you, also a team that research new ideas for you and assist in developing a disciplinary plan.

    A great part of the cost of the home building is materials and you need to know the changes in the market. Dr. Andrew Unterweger can extend their services to you as property management, multi-housing Real Estate construction, corporate strategy issues, and overseas development. Take advantage of added experience, expertise, education, and evaluations. Consultants can open your horizons to expand your dreams. Take a partner who has the talents you might either be missing or do not have the time to pursue. Find a solid consultant who can act as an instrument in your ventures.

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